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The Scottish Office probably provided a Mountain Rescue Post in the area after WW2. Documents from the mid-1960s record both the post and the team. However, Morvich was not the base for the team until later. The Kintail Lodge Hotel and the Catholic Church were amongst benefactors that provided space to store equipment over the years. 

The team has now been established at Morvich for many years. This site is suitably located at the north-western extremity of the Five Sisters of Kintail. 


Exterior view of the base.

The base at Morvich currently consists of a building with a garage, a storage area and a briefing area. Outside is a space for vehicle parking and in the adjacent field is a hardened area for landing helicopters. As demands for professionalism from a group of volunteers increase, improvements in equipment and facilities are unending. Planning is underway for further improvements to facilities at Morvich. 


The command desk. (Briefing room to the left and garage to the right.)

The briefing room was fitted out as a store in about 1985. A large garage and an equipment room with a command desk were added in the early 90s. 

If we have a major job, there may be over 40 people, and their equipment, from 6 or more organisations. 

It is envisaged that we shall need a drying area, kitchen, showers and a rest area for when there are long rescues involving substantial deployments over several days. 

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